Tagliatelle with Aglio Stracotto

What happens when you slow-cook garlic in oil, add some preserved Meyer lemons and parsley and just a hint of red chili flake, then emulsify it? You get a fantastic, fresh, zippy sauce, deep with garlic flavor, for your tagliatelle: aglio stracotto. Hello, pasta fan(atics), it’s Jameson Fink here again welcoming you to Friday at Il Corvo.

While chatting with Mike about the rest of today’s menu, he referred to today’s Baked Pasta Friday offering, a pasta misti, as having a smorgasbord of flavors.It’s not some Sweedish/Italian fusion, but it does have a panoply of flavors. BTW, I think the origin of the word smorgasbord is pretty interesting:

Swedish, from smörgås ‘(slice of) bread and butter’ (from smör ‘butter’ + gås ‘goose, lump of butter’) + bord ‘table’.

I digress. Today’s vegetarian baked pasta is packed tight with all the things:

  • peppers
  • chilis
  • balsamic-marinated mozzarella
  • Castelvetrano olives
  • tomatoes
  • bechamel sauce

Not only do I wonder about the origins of words, but I also wonder about wine things. Like, what’s the difference between Barolo and Barbaresco? Both made from Nebbiolo, both from Piedmont, and both, uh, start with “B”. Luckily, I knew who to ask for the answer, which involves…the Savoy French court?!? True. Get the details plus a bargain Nebbiolo that’s an “almost Barbaresco”.

Finally, if you are craving some meat with your pasta, fear not. There’s Bolognese alla fusilli.

And a plea from Mike: If you or anyone you know has tickets to Surfer Blood, playing tonight at the Sunset, please let him know.

AND, Surfer Blood, if you’re reading this, please stop by. Lunch is on us.