Pappardelle is derived from the word “Pappare” the italian verb for “Gobble Up” or “make off with”  –and also happens to me my very favorite pasta to pair with Ragu alla Bolognese.  It’s one of those dished where the pasta and sauce were seeming meant for each other.  And If we dig into the regionality of if, we see that they kind of were made for each other

     The sauce starts with a rich soffritto, and then the sautéing of beef and some pork belly, the addition of a scant amount of tomato conserva, milk and white wine, and finally slow braised for up to 16 hours.  This makes sense coming from the Northern Italian  area, where cattle farming and cheese production is prevalent.   Toss that sauce with some wide flat noodles made of fresh farm eggs and soft wheat, as apposed to the hard durum grain extruded pasta of the south, and you have a dish that embodies the farm culture of Northern Italy.

pappardelle bolog

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