pasta misti

This time of year in Seattle often brings weather both misty and mysterious. So why not pay homage to that in a bowl of pasta? Hello in there, it’s Jameson Fink. Today you can enjoy a panoply of textures and shapes in the form of pasta misti. The classic Bolognese sauce adds a bit of order to the pasta chaos. What a classic dish to enjoy with a glass of red wine, no?

Would it surprise you to know that I still drink a lot of white wine, even in the winter? Am I crazy? Well, when you can drink a really cool white wine from Spain’s Priorat region (most famous for red wines) that has an extra layer of richness to ward off winter’s chill, it is most seasonally appropriate. Read all about it; it’s bliss.

This white wine (and any white wine, including the sparkling wine here at Il Corvo) would be great with pasta number two: mafalda with pesto.

Finally, in the grand tradition that is Baked Pasta Friday, we have a baked pastitsio that’s ably supported by eggplant, prosciutto, chilis, and a pecorino bechamel.

And in the interest of making the lunch service at Il Corvo run like a well-(olive) oiled machine, you’ll notice the Il Corvo etiquette posted on the door and in the restaurant. There’s some more detail about it in this recent interview with Mike in Eater Seattle, the bulk of which is in honor of the one year anniversary of the Pioneer Square location. Wow, has it really been one year?!? The Eater feature is chock-full of Il Corvo news and history, as well as Mike’s goals for 2014. Check it out.

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