Here’s this weeks installment of “Useless Pasta History Knowledge” with mike easton,

Pasta alla Norma, is said to be named after the title role in Vincento Bellini’s Opera 


The role of Bellini’s tormented druid priestess is generally considered one of the most difficult in the soprano repertoire. It calls for tremendous vocal control of range, flexibility, and dynamics. It contains a wide range of emotions: conflict of personal and public life, romantic life, maternal love, friendship, jealousy, murderous intent, and resignation.

And then, get this:

In a letter dated 1 September 1831, Bellini wrote to the soprano Giuditta Pasta that “Romani believes [that this subject] will be very effective, and absolutely ideal for your encyclopedic character, because that is the kind of character Norma has”. Indeed, Pasta’s vocal and dramatic range was encyclopedic.

So the sauce is named after the lead role, “NORMA” and the singer’s last name JUST HAPPENED TO BE PASTA!


What would compel  someone to name a delicious pasta dish of eggplant, peppers, and tomato tossed with lumache after Norma?

lumache norma

I haven’t the slightest idea, but thats what it’s called,

and I’m not going to argue with a druid priestess.

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