I’ve adopted a take-no-prisoners attitude when it comes to 2014. And, yes, that even spills over to my Friday mornings at Il Corvo. It’s Jameson Fink here; happy new year to you all. Today I walked into the restaurant, started chatting with Mike about today’s menu, and he mentioned that there would be a lasagne with alternating bechamel and Bolognese sauces. Then this conversation happened:

Me: Well, how many layers will this lasagne have?

Mike: Sixteen.

Me: Mike, it’s 2014. This is my Year of Audacity. I’d like to see seventeen layers.

Mike: Seventeen?!? You’ve gone out of your mind.

Me: I have. And it’s only January 3rd.

So that’s how today’s lasagne came to include seventeen layers.* You’re welcome.


Wine-wise, I’ve started out the year audaciously by recommending a wine with lipstick on the label. Stay with me, though. Because if you like Syrah with some funk plus a kiss of fruit, and have heard of Reynvaan Family Vineyards, you’ll be crushing on this wine.

There’s also rigatoni with artichoke hearts, pequillo peppers, capers, and anchovies. It has a wonderful spicy kick.


And cresti di gallo with housemade pancetta, Tuscan kale, and tomato.

*Note: This conversation was entirely fictionalized.