See this Pizza?


This is a smaller version of the pizza we will be serving when we open our new spot

Pizzeria Gabbiano bar

We have had an extremely successful  fundraising campaign going with a revolutionary local company


And there is STILL TWO DAYS to get behind this project!

I’ve been saving up the sympathy/groveling/tugging-your-heart-strings post for today, so here it is….

Il Corvo is a grass roots restaurant, there is no financial backers, no trust funds, no partners,

it is solely funded from passion and hard work. 

 It started small, and grew and grew from a seed of an idea.  

The the idea was that if we focused on one thing, and poured our entire souls and being into making the best pasta we could,

people would come to our tiny counter-top operation, look past our minimal menu and lunchtime hours and find a little piece of Italy.

And you did.

2 1/2 years later, we have our own location and some days serve over 250 bowls of pasta.

What is has become is truly is breathtaking,

We have YOU to thank for what we have become.  As a community, your support got us where we are!

 That same support is needed to help our new project along the way.

If you believe in our passion for food, lend your support to a good cause, and if you already have,

Thank you and please feel free to email this to all your friends!

Click here to lend your support:


now for the pasta:

Cresti creamy

Cresti Di Gallo, with herb infused cream

Fusilli, alla bolognese

Spaghettini, alla siciliana