Aurora reflection Finland

Am I ignorant when it comes to understanding seasonings? Mike was going through the menu with me (Jameson Fink) this morning, and we were talking about a special appetizer that you MUST ORDER and I swear he said it had Finnish salt on it. So I Googled it but all I could find was this awesome image of the Northern Lights (aka aurora borealis). And then I realized it was a finishing salt. As in Maldon sea salt, which is the aurora borealis of salt. It is the final touch of a starter consisting of sliced beets, housemade mozzarella, and a balsamic vinegar reduction. So your marching orders are to order this and at least one pasta.

roasted beets and housemade mozarella

And since this will be my last contribution to the Il Corvo Pasta blog of 2013, I’d like to say thanks to Mike and every single member of the team who make my Fridays amazing by smashing my bachelor cold cereal breakfast routine.  Speaking of routine, as a wine blogger I have a sacred duty to suggest a sparkling wine for your New Year’s Eve consumption. NYE is the Super Bowl of Champagne. But if you need to satisfy a large crowd with a wine that won’t break the bank, I have a racy and refreshing bottle of bubbles for you . Read all about my pick which is awesome for NYE and all other days of the year.

Baked Pasta Friday is a beautiful basil malfalda with layers of tomato and kale, with a bit of chili, and a parmesan bechamel.

There’s also gigli alla Bolognese.

And a tagliarini with a pumpkin seed and herb pesto.

tagliarini with pumpkin seed and herb pesto

Northern Lights courtesy Visit Finland.