seattle snowmanIt’s not quite a snowpocalypse, but we had enough of a, uh, downfall to create a tiny, but festive, snowman. I’m just going to pretend that it’s more of a winter wonderland here in Seattle because it gets me in the mood to enjoy some mulled wine. Hey there, it’s Jameson Fink. We are all well-aware of pasta’s properties of life-enhancing warmth, so why not create a hot beverage with equal parts magic and satisfaction? It’s a Sangiovese-based mulled wine, with a little Moscato for sweetness, and a sachet of steeping spices starring star anise, clove, allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, and coriander.

mulled wineAnd keep those insides warm not only with wine, but also with visions of pizza dancing in your head. Surely you’ve heard that Il Corvo’s new restaurant, Pizzeria Gabbiano, is in the works. If the thought of a Roman-style pizza with a crust born of  a well-cultivated sourdough starter, daily hand-pulled mozzarella, and the type of rotating fresh flavors atop that you’ve come to expect at Il Corvo, please head over to Community Sourced Captial:

Pizzeria Gabbiano on Community Sourced Capital

Now back to our regularly scheduled pasta program.

clam linguini with tomato

  • BAKED PASTA FRIDAY! Pasta misti with spicy eggplant and bechamel.
  • Fusilli alla Bolognese.
  • Linguini alla vongole with tomato. (Pictured)

And if Mike’s mulled wine puts you in the mood to craft your own concoction, might I suggest a spin on the classic with tequila, agave syrup, and cumin? Recipe on my blog.

Warm and warming delights to eat and drink; what better way to start your weekend?