Do you ever ask yourself why green and red?


What do those colours have to do with Christmas?

Well, you’re in luck!

-today’s Non-Pasta-Related-Useless-Triva(tm) blog post will answer these nagging topics.

As it turns out, only he color Green has a pre-Christian origin.

Early peoples thought the fir trees and hollies had “magical” properties

due to the fact that the would stay green throughout the winter,

somewhere in there, they decided that the colour Green would symbolize life and fertility and basically anything the modern-day Republicans would refer to as “Socialist Liberal Hippy Nonsense”


The Ancient Romans wove wreaths of holly, hanging these on their walls and doors to celebrate the winter solstice.These wreaths show that they are looking forward to the “rebirth” of the sun and the return of warmer weather.

And then,

when the Christians launched the 1st war on(of) Christmas,

they conquered and appropriated the colour green for themselves….

(Like many christmas traditions stollen from the ancient peoples e.g. elves, santa, kindness, ect)

The other Christmas colours, Red and Gold came around only after the (alleged) birth of Christ, signifying the blood of christ and (duh) GOLD, the symbol of the catholic church.

These facts may or may-not be 100% factual, because at this point all of history is just hear-say.

So here’s some Christmastime Pesto!

Mafalda pesto

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Pasti Misti, alla Bolognese

Spaghettini, Alla Vongolé (white clam sauce)