giant lite briteToday is a day of contrasts at Il Corvo. It’s a gloomy, drizzly, typical Seattle December day. You think we’d feature hearty, “meat-tastic” (Mike’s word) lunch fare. And we are. Hey there, it’s Jameson Fink on the Friday blog. But we’re also offering something on the opposite end of that spectrum. Because, as Mike explains, “…sometimes you just want some light, bright, delicious food.” So we’re covering all bases.

So if you crave a lunch sympathetic to the season, what better way to begin than with Baked Pasta Friday? We’ve got pastitsio: long, hollow tubes of pasta surrounded by a ricotta-laden bechamel and a spicy braised beef sauce.


Jason, instead of using it to carve up teens, why not use that ax to slice up sausages?

The meat-tastic train rolls on, smashing the notion that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. It’s actually a very fortuitous day for you. Especially when it involves housemade Italian sausage braised in tomato sauce, with some added heat from Mama Lil’s peppers. This sauce comes with mafaldine, little ribbons.

The other way to approach this glum day is by contrasting it with the aforementioned lightness and brightness. So there’s tagliatelle with capers, Moroccan preserved lemons, and mint. You know what sounds damn good with that? Sharing an entire bottle of Cava for $12. What a smokin’ deal! Bring a friend or make a new one (or two) at lunch today. If you’d like to learn more about the undisputed champion of spots for sparkling, Champagne, I highly recommend you check out my podcast with the owner of Portland’s Ambonnay Bar. Find out why Champagne is way better than cable, and much more.

tagliatelle with preserved lemon, capers, and mint

Resolve any Friday the 13th anxiety, fears, concerns, and/or paranoia with pasta at Il Corvo.

Giant lite brite courtesy Julee Dyer. Jason via patobot.