I completely understand why some people come into the shop,

stare at the chalkboard with a seemingly panicked look on their face, and utter the Il Corvo cry for help…

“I cant decide!”

and typically, my response is “I cant help you”

This isn’t the old “you have to learn to do things for yourself” tactic…

it’s actually because the choices are so deliciously different,

I cant decide either….

and today is one of those days.

In this corner, braised overnight in Montepulciano,

Beef Sugo alla Toscana.

It’s rich, depthy, fragrant with juniper and clove and with a hint of spice.

Sugo Fusilli

But then there’s this guy…

Squid ink Linguine, the polar opposite, with a light textured and a subtle hint of the sea  -tossed in a spicy and flavorful combination of anchovy,

calabrian chili, toasted garlic and parsley.

Linguine nero

How could I pick one over the other?

Also, Conchiglie, with roasted golden beets, toasted walnuts and gorgonzola

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