fireplaceAre you in front of a roaring fire right now? You’re not? Neither am I. But there are no feelings of despair in my soul, as I am at Il Corvo. Which sets my heart ablaze. Hi there, it’s Jameson Fink. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and though I heartily enjoyed eating leftover turkey topped with Tapatio in Tacoma and a dose of 8am Zumba at the Y last Friday, I am extremely pleased to wake up early this Friday for the purpose of pasta.

Another popular saying is that the classics never go out of style. Which is why I’m really excited for today’s clam linguine. Mike said something along the lines is that it would be like a dish you’d get at Patsy’s in 1958. Naturally, my first question was, “What’s Patsy’s?” Turns out (thank you, Google) it’s an old-school Italian restaurant in Manhattan that’s been open since 1944. And, yes, they do have linguine with clams on the menu. Patsy’s also has one cool neon sign:


A dish of pasta with clams gets me in the mood for sparkling wine. Bring a friend and get a bottle of Cava. Seriously, it’s an incredible deal ($12!) and sparkling wines are wildly food-friendly. Clams and Cava forever! If you’re making this old-school classic at home, might I suggest some Champagne? I recently tasted 31 bottles one awesome afternoon and I have recommendations for you on my blog.

clam linguine


Also for your lunchtime pleasure, a baked (pasta Friday) mafalda. It includes an intriguing blend of wild mushrooms, butternut squash, kale, olives, and fresh mozzarella. And by intriguing I also mean outstanding. Finally, gigli alla bolognese.

For your continued reading pleasure, check out how a 150 year-old sourdough starter is bringing something new to Pioneer Square.

Patsy’s photo courtesy Thomas Hawk.