Announcing Pizzeria Gabbiano!

I’d like to share with all of you our new venture……Pizzeria Gabbiano bar-slated to open in the heart of Pioneer Square late spring 2014!

(-with 1 metre long pizzas that will look like this!)


And here is an opportunity to help! 

As our community, you’ve done so much to support Il Corvo Pasta,

-voting for us Eater Seattle’s “Restaurant of the Year” and helping us become the restaurant we are today, through your patronage,

are just two of the many ways….

Now is your chance to take part in our next project first hand. 

We will be raising some of our funding through a new local company, Community Sourced Capital 

It is a program much like Kickstarter, but with one major difference,

the community that helps fund the project gets paid back,

(and not in T-shirts or thank-you cards, but in actual money.)

Please take a moment to check out our campaign, and CSC as a business, by clicking the link here:


For those of you who are still wondering what “Roman style pizza” is…..

I strongly suggest you read a little paragraph I wrote about it and subscribe to the new blog for the pizzeria,

Subscribing will let you watch the complete construction process of the restaurant,
and be with us every step of the way through menu testing
-and there will be some private, pre-opening tasting events you can only find out about if you follow the blog!
And also:
-there will be delicious pasta today
with salty fishes and meats and veg and stuff.
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5 responses to “Announcing Pizzeria Gabbiano!

  • Mary Karlin

    BRAVO! That is such exciting news!! With your talents, and those of the Team, it will surely be a huge success. I can’t wait to taste those pizzas when I get there in April. Hope you’ll have tastings by then. Alright Community, you’ve voted Il Corvo the best, now step up and help to make this dream a reality. You surely will benefit, as will the ‘Hood.

  • Bobbie Simone

    I would like to buy some shares with a check–not online. Is that okay?

  • sldkfjs sdfsdf

    Just what seattle needs. another pizza restaurant.

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