They don’t call it the red-eye for nothing.

After exactly zero hours sleep on the plane, due an adjacent passenger’s classic “is there a doctor on the plane” scenario and a misty winding ride through the boroughs of NYC,  I’ve awaken from a few cloudy hours of restless slumber and have no idea what time it is,

I don’t even know what time period I’m in- waking up in this timeless Brooklyn Brownstone..

Brown B&w

 I’ve added the black and white for dramatic effect, it doesn’t actually still look like this in Brooklyn.


I hear my elves in back in Seattle  have whipped up some black and red pasta for you today..

Spaghetti Nero Alla Siciliana!

spag nero

Also today:

Cresti De Gallo, alla Bolognese

Conchiglie, in pumpkin and sage cream sauce!