A Wild QuestionDo you ever wonder how Mike gets inspiration for the panoply of pasta dishes that populate the menu five days a week, rotating daily? Me (Jameson Fink), too. Today, I got a little window into how that process works and I’m sharing it with you.

Walking back into the Il Corvo Pasta kitchen this morning, I greeted Mike. In front of him was  a large bowl of oil-cured kalamata olives and golden raisins. In the oven? Pine nuts, toasting away. In the spirit of Thanksgiving eating, Mike revealed the theme for one of today’s pastas (conchiglie):

Things I wish people would put in their stuffing.


I, too have been inspired by the season, especially when it comes to wine. Recently I’ve been contemplating wines for pumpkin dishes from savory and vegetarian to sweet, as well as a trio of affordable wines to make a Thanksgiving crowd (yours) happy. You can check out a seasonal roundup post on my blog. (Plus, De La Soul!) How appropriate is it that there’s also bucatini with pumpkin seed pesto and and pumpkin seed oil for your lunchtime pleasure?

It’s kind of a holiday (almost) every Friday here, considering today we celebrate Baked Pasta Friday. How about some lasagna containing housemade sausage with piparra peppers, bechamel, and housemade mozzarella?

It’s too cold outside to be sitting at your desk, starting at a frigid, sad sandwich. Get in here for some pasta and don’t forget the wine!

1-up photo courtesy Raymond Bryson.