First off,

A big thank you to everyone who voted us into the finals for Eater Seattle’s “Restaurant Of The Year” award!

The final decision was made by the editors of the online site,  

and, as it turns out, they agreed with all of you,

and picked us as Restaurant of  the Year!!!!

……now back to our regularly scheduled blogpost, already in progress.


Agrodolce, or “Sweet and Sour” style,

is a combination of a few of my favorite things represented in southern Italy.

Plump currants, toasted pine-nuts,

sweet caramelized onions, fresh parsely, sherry vinegar

a touch of Calabrian chili, and a hint of anchovy.

– it’s very versatile and works well any where a little sweet “tang” is needed.

It also is particularly good on roasted game birds.

-If only there was a big American feasting holiday coming up,

where you could implement a sauce like this along side some large roasted bird?

Lumache agrodolce

Oh well, you’ll just have to settle for this today.

Also today:

Casarecce, with a fresh pork sausage ragu

Tagliatelle, with green olive and toasted hazelnut pesto