squid ink spaghetti
I just read an interesting article about squid ink in Gourmet. The most noteworthy section concerned the author talking about the striking black color it gives to food, and how a Goth kid who rode the bus with him to high school confessed that “arroz negro was his favorite food because everything black feeds his soul.”

Hi, it’s Friday and it’s Jameson Fink here on the blog controls. I don’t know if the Goth contingent of Seattle perks up when we offer a dish of black pasta, but no matter your choice of music, clothing, and/or eyeliner, today’s Squid Ink Spaghetti with a Caper Olive Salsa Verde will feed your soul. Not in an angst-y, desolate manner but rather in a warming, satisfying style.

And, why yes, it is Baked Pasta Friday. Baked Mafalda with Pesto Bechamel to be exact. Bonus: includes pancetta and proscuitto in the tomato component of the dish.

And to go along with the “s” theme of squid, spaghetti, and salsa, how about some seashells? Conchiglie alla Bolognese. I don’t know if you’ll hear the ocean if you put these shells up to your ear, though. (WARNING: shells and sauce are hot. Best in your mouth hole, not your ear hole.)

If you’re looking for a soul-feeding red wine, dark and delicious, to enjoy this weekend, my recommendation is the 2010 Ridge Vineyards Geyserville. When was the last time you contented your soul with so much goodness?