When I was just a young prep cook, at the age of 17,

a mysterious old night stewart at the Hilton Hotel took me aside and bequeathed upon me the first pun you ever learn in the culinary world.

He explained to me, that when ever you make a pun, you must then immediately call attention to it, with a subtle laugh to yourself, or the common “get it, get it!”  or as the above shown “see what I did there”….

-But NEVER should you string more than one of these attention-calling-qualifiers together.

He then disappeared in a mist of chlorine steam from his mop bucket, and a soft whisper drifted out of the fog:

“always use the power of puns for good, not evil”

…and I never saw him again.

Lumache with hedgehog mushrooms, sherry, fresh thyme and cream.

lumache funghi

Also today:

Rigatoni, with spicy pancetta and prosciutto pomodoro

Tagliatelle, with basil mint pumpkin seed pesto.