Pulling Fresh Mozzarella il corvo pasta

Are you neglecting your appetizer appetite at Il Corvo? Going straight for the pasta? These are the things I think about when I guest blog here every Friday. Hello, it’s Jameson Fink. Today should tempt you like no other to start your meal over a plate consisting not only of hand-pulled fresh mozzarella, but also housemade salami cotto that’s enlivened with paprika. Could this combination be described as ethereal? Well, according to the dictionary there are many permutations of ethereal:

  1. light, airy, or tenuous
  2. extremely delicate or refined
  3. heavenly or celestial
  4. of or pertaining to the upper regions of space

I’m not sure about number four, but it certainly would be an appetizer worthy of an astronaut orbiting Earth. The mozzarella and salami are definitely heavenly AND celestial. Is it not refined? Enjoy this duo of deliciousness and you will have the answer. And that mozz is certainly light and airy; it’d probably float away if it wasn’t for gravity. (Let that be a warning to astronauts eating hand-pulled space mozzarella. What would it be like to make mozzarella in zero gravity?)

Salami Cotto and Hand-Pulled Mozzarella il corvo pasta

Perfect for an astronaut or earth-bound Il Corvo Pasta lunch guests.

When it comes to wine, one thing I never thought of being described as “ethereal”? Zinfandel. But on a recent visit to Dry Creek Vally in California, I heard a winemaker reminisce about drinking old-school Zins of the 60s and 70s and use that very word to describe the experience. If you’re interested in lower alcohol Zinfandel, petanque, and squirrels, check out my blog post.

But back to Pioneer Square. One you’ve enjoyed your appetizer, what awaits you in the world of Il Corvo Pasta? How about traditional lasagna Bolognese? And just because it’s November 1st, it doesn’t mean we’re done with pumpkins. Hardly. Kick off the month with gigli served with a pumpkin, rosemary, and sage sauce. Finally, tagliatelle alla cacio e pepi. That’s cheese and black pepper.

fresh mozzarella il corvo pasta

Mike suffers for his craft so you can have delicious hand-pulled mozzarella.

Also, special notice for loyal blog readers who peruse the entire post. Look for a special weekend post announcing the sale of Thanksgiving porchetta, with a link to order. You may have seen a sneak preview of how lovely one looks when thinly sliced on yesterday’s blog post. But when you purchase one for your own holiday table, you can slice it into giant slabs. And just as an FYI, last year the porchetta sold out in two days. Don’t be filled with regret! Watch your e-mail like a hawk or employe whatever technological notification advances that allow you to be notified immediately of Il Corvo updates. Watch the Twitter, too.