This is a “Cinderella Pumpkin”, delicious and beautiful.

Aptly named for it’s shape, resembling the legendary carriage.

Cindy pumpkin-Little known art history fact:

Thomas_Sully_XX__Cinderella_at_the_Kitchen_Fire_1843-1The slightly knowing grin on the face of Thomas Sully’s

“Cinderella at the Kitchen Fire ”  from 1843

is chiefly due to that carriage,

that turned back into a pumpkin at midnight,

 that got buried in the embers of that fire,

after discarding the seeds the flesh was scooped out it’s charred skin,

and blended with that mornings fresh cream,

tossed with some fresh picked sage from the garden,

and turned into this:

Lumache, con Zucca!

Lumache di Zucca

-Way more magical than her lame date last night.

Also today:

Bucatini, alla Amatriciana

Spaghettini, in salsa Siciliana