pasta misti il corvo pastaWith Halloween approaching, there’s a lot of pumpkin going on. I, for one, welcome the savory side of the gourd, but (frankly) I’m a little over sweet applications of pumpkin. Hello, it’s Friday and it’s Jameson Fink here. What is funny about my reticent feelings for sweet pumpkin is that it recently developed over eating something that looked like a pumpkin, but contained no pumpkin at all. In my never-ending quest to champion sweet wines and seasonal food pairings, I ate an ungodly amount of mellowcreme pumpkins (mixed with peanuts for a sweet and salty delight). The results of my Halloween candy and dessert wine pairing adventure are on Serious Eats. Check out a preview on my blog, with links to five posts about making your life a bit sweeter with wine. It’s Port, Sherry, Madeira, Late Harvest Petit Manseng, and fruit wines with apple brandy!

Thankfully, here at Il Corvo, you can tuck into some genuine pumpkin pleasure. Like a pumpkin seed pesto with tajarin. And for those of you staring at the photo of all these shapes of pasta commingling, wondering what will become of them, I know what you’re thinking. “Is it Baked Pasta Friday?” Yes. Yes, it is. Pasta misti with artichoke hearts, eggplant, Mama Lil’s peppers, and bechamel. Stoked to see how those spicy peppers cut through the richness of that bechamel. It should be epic.

Finally, nothing says Fogtober like a nice Bolognese sauce. Served with lumache.

cinderella pumpkin il corvo pasta

Take that, Dutch Masters!

Bonus: Can I let you in on a little tip? Some inside information for faithful Il Corvo blog readers? Ok. There’s a lot more to come with pumpkin at Il Corvo. Pumpkin seed pesto is just the beginning.  Next week there will be a panoply of pumpkin. (And squash.) Just look at this still life with flowers and Cinderella pumpkin. It’s like some kind of Dutch Master image transported to 2013 Pioneer Square. Oh, if only a modern-day Maria van Oosterwijk or Willem Claeszoon Heda could walk through these doors.

But this trumpeting of next week’s menu should not be construed in any manner as a looking-past-today’s-menu sentiment. Today is awesome. Give thanks by ordering a glass of wine with your lunch.

This blog post is dedicated to Maria Van Oosterwijk.

This blog post is dedicated to Maria Van Oosterwijk.