A tip for fathers of young children….

As the holiday season approaches,

you may want to refrain from pointing out that elk are in the same family as reindeer.

And no matter how close to Halloween it is,

When enjoying the deliciously rich Elk Brodo with eggy and delicate Tajarin noodles,

– it might also be a good idea NOT to tell them:

“It’s like drinking the very soul of Donner, Blitzen, Dancer and Prancer”

-as you slurp it from the spoon.

Chances are, they will not think it’s as funny as you do,

Brodo Tajarin

Oh, and P.E.T.A. also thinks this joke is very funny.

Also today,

Strozzapreti,  With eggplant, artichoke, mama lil’s peppers and tomato.

Mafaldine, alla Bolognese