It’s the quality and care that truly shine through when it comes to small farm raised ingredients.

The simplest flavors, like garlic, onions, potatoes, squash and the farm raised chickens (the original white meat)

become more concentrated, purer, more fragrant,

more true versions of what we think we know of them,

from our weekly trips to the grocery store.

The cliche phrase “taste the love” doesn’t even scratch the surface.


Join me on November 10th out on Bainbridge Island for the first in a Series of Six Special Sunday Suppers (say that 6 times fast)

the menu will be an Italian farmhouse style feast, -with lots of wine 

brought to you by Heyday Farm and the VUDE

tickets include tax and gratuity, and are available on Brown Paper Tickets:

right here: Sunday Suppers On The Farm