FogWe’ve certainly had some foggy mornings in Seattle. And nothing cuts through that impenetrable atmosphere like a peppery pasta. Jameson Fink here. I sometimes think that the world of wine is similarly obscured. Where does an enthusiastic wine drinker, the kind who enjoys a nice lunchtime glass at Il Corvo, turn for more knowledge, delivered in a lively, engaging, personable manner? Check out the new book Complete Wine Selector.

Along those lines, I like to think of Mike as my Complete Pasta Selector. The hinted at peppery pasta? It’s Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Cacio e Pepe. That’s cheese and pepper. And not just one kind of pepper. Please. It’s like a pepper summit in there: toasted white, green, and black peppercorns delivering a slow, sneaky, heat that lingers. All balanced by the richness of the cheese, a very special Pecorino Grand Cru.

And I think some meat can blaze a trail through that fog as well. Especially when it’s house-made pancetta, shown being put to work here:

Kale, Pancetta, Tomato

It’s like a giant bathtub for cured meat.

Its destiny? To become commingled with black lacinato kale and tomato, then join garganelli. (Wondering how garganelli gets its shape? Check out this Vine video.)

Garganelli with Pancetta, Kale, and Tomato

If pancetta doesn’t satisfy your carnivorous cravings, fear not, as there is Mafalda alla Bolognese. Can you feel the fog lifting?