True Farro is emmer grain grown in the Garfagnana region of Tuscany.

It’s was so invaluable to ancient cultures, that it was often used as currency.

Today, farro flour is available at just about any italian grocery,

and can add a depth and whole grain nuttiness to your breads and pastas

Like these farro flour cavatelli,

Cavatelli fagioli 2

-just look at them, they’re SOOO nutty,

I mean it’s crazy the way they’re just,

you know,

just totally *partying (*party is not a verb, but I’m using it for dramatic effect) with those canellini beans, fennel, sage and tomato!

Also today:

Lumache, Alla Bolognese

Gigli, with Rogue Creamery’s Smokey Blue sauce

Mafalda, with basil-mint pesto