Just another day down at the Manicotti factory:

Piping out ricotta and wild mushrooms, seasoned with nutmeg,

and oregano, into some sheets of fresh pasta, rolling and stacking, drenching with pomodoro…..

-and repeating and baking.
Manicotti making

Technically, I’m pretty sure when you make it with fresh noodles, hand rolled  “Casalingna style”  it’s called

Canelloni al Forno,  

Manicotti, would be with dried semolina pasta.

But hey- you say Tomato, I say Pomodoro

-Also we cranked out some Farro Flour Cavatelli

Farro Cavatelli

that is getting served today with CANELLINI beans, not to be confused with the aforementioned CANELLONI 

–you still with me here?

-try and keep up, ok.

Also today for you extra credit assignment,

Tagliatelle, alla Bolognese

Class dismissed.