The simplicity of toasted garlic, anchovies,

spicy chili and olive oil

-with a little pangratatto (toasted focaccia crumbs) tossed in,

is that thing I like to eat when I don’t know what to eat.

It’s like that sweater you cant throw away, because no matter how tattered it gets,

it’s the one you want to pull on when you curl up in your favorite chair, with a book and a cocktail.

It’s that song on guitar you play unconsciously,

just to have something to strum along to, while your mind wanders elsewhere.

it’s your regular coffee order, made by your favorite barista,

who doesn’t even have to ask you what you want.

It’s that dish, that you always know exactly what it’s going to taste like,

-but then surprises you with how good that first bite is.

That’s why we call it comfort food.


Tagliatelle Anchovy

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