"Wine makes you smart."Happy Friday; it’s Jameson Fink at the Il Corvo blog controls. You’re looking at the “family crest” of Nalle Winery in California’s Dry Creek Valley. It’s a tongue-in-cheek response to the stuffiness of some wineries. The Latin motto roughly translates to “Wine Makes You Smart”.  (To read more about my recent trip to the region, including age-worthy Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc in Acacia wood barrels, and some lovely vineyard views, please peruse my blog post.)

So surely if wine makes you smart, there must be a pasta corollary. So I’m going to declare this: Baked Pasta Makes You Smart. Especially when its baked with a Sage Bechamel and Roasted Winter Squash.

Baked Pasta With Sage Bechamel and Roasted Winter Squash

Behind the Scenes of Baked Pasta Friday.

So is this baked pasta a pasticcio, consisting of a melange of pasta shapes and sizes? Or a lasagna draped with tender sheets of noodles. Well, guest what? IT’S BOTH.

[Mind blown.]

But thought I’m trumpeting the brain power-giving life force in every serving of baked pasta, fear not making an alternate lunchtime selection, as ALL PASTA MAKES YOU SMART. Like the “world famous” Toasted Almond Basil Mint Pesto served with Gigli. (Mike’s pronouncement, and let me tell you we’re in a zero hyperbole zone. Like a vintage Jerry Lee Lewis record, it’s all killer, no filler.)

And since, as Mike proclaims, “People need meat”, there is the classic Tagliatelle alla Bolognese.

Who knew the simple act of eating lunch could make you a genius?