Dear Rest Of The Country,

I’m almost a little embarrassed at the sheer quantity of mushrooms we are privileged to have at the tips of out foragers’ little curved mushroom knives up here in Cascadia.

Really guys, when I hear reports of people paying $25 a pound and up for these beauties, my heart aches for you….kind of .

 I even went to the extent, out of sheer guilt mind you, to dry some of the bounty and save for a rainy(er) day.

-but alas, the mushrooms keep marching in.

So we will eat them, in copious amounts, tossed with fluffy little Yukon Gold Gnocchi, until our heart is content.

Sorry Rest Of The Country,

but we would hate for them to go to waste…

Gnocchi Chanterelles

Get them while they last!

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Tagliatelle, alla Bolognese

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