Trento. #ferrarisparkling

You’re looking at the mountainous, picturesque wine region of Trento in Northern Italy. While the days can give you a warm, sunny embrace, there’s a surprising chill in the morning and evening air, signaling fall. Hello, it’s Jameson Fink. I just returned from a visit to this region solely dedicated to sparkling wine production. In other words, heaven. For more on this journey, and a link to my podcast discussing everything from towering palisades, Champagne, pepperoni pizza, Joël Robuchon, and discovering fire for the second time, please check out this blog post.

What do fall mornings in Trento and Seattle have in common? They necessitate thoughts of the warming glow coming from a bowl of pasta. Today’s menu at Il Corvo is definitely, as Mike says, full of FALL-TASTIC flavors, textures, and spices.

Naturally, nothing warms your heart and belly like BAKED PASTA FRIDAY. Expect long, frilly pasta (Mafalda) that clings to the Bolognese ragu and bechamel with a vise-like grip.

And you want fall? You want warmth? How about a local winter squash puree with spaghettini?

red curry squash spaghettini 001

Finally, a tomato and chicken stock enriched with carrots and fennel from Local Roots Farm. This brodo eats like the heartiest bowl of minestrone. With a notably large pasta-to-broth ratio.

encyclopedia of pasta

Where’s the on switch for this thing?

The pasta (with basil) in the brodo is called avemarie. Which literally means “Hail Marys”. I found this out not from the internet but from an actual book. (Whoa.) It’s called the “Encyclopedia of Pasta“. Here’s the background of this tiny pasta:

Until a few decades ago, It was common for families–and not only peasant families–to say the rosary together in the evening while the food was being prepared. These tiny pastas, suitable for broth-based soups that served as dinner, were fully cooked in the just the time it took to say one Hail Mary.

Here’s the avamarie in all its glory:

Chicken Brodo with Basil Avemarie

Finally, a plea for Prosecco. Don’t you want a perfectly sized single-serving bottle of Prosecco to enliven your lunch? Be bold and stand up for afternoon refreshment!