Behold the delicious weirdness…….Lobster shroomsMy friend Gerald Lisi summed up these beauties nicely:

“Lobster mushrooms are comprised of two fungi:

 A mushroom of the Russula genus and the mold Hypomyces lactifluorum which has infected it.

-While many Russula mushrooms are edible most are insipid,

but when infected by Hypomyces lactifluorum

certain Russulas become the tasty victim we know as the lobster mushroom.”

so there you go, thanks Gerald, for basically writing the blog for me today!

And then we did this:

Conchiglie, with Lobster Mushrooms, Pancetta and Curants!

Conchiglie lobsterAlso today:

Tagliatelle, alla bolognese

Cheese Filled Cappelletti, in pomodoro