Before you get worried, we are not going anywhere.

But the statistic-i-olgist, or estheticians, or number crunchers, or nerds…..or whatever you call them,

seem to say that 25-80% of restaurants close down in the first year.

I don’t know exactly how long this place “The Government” has been in business, but I hear they shut down too….oh well.

I’m sure it wasn’t as good as all the hype made it out to be, I personally never made it in.

and probably, no one will really miss them,

and I hear that new coffee spot “Socialism” serves and excellent Macchiato anyway!


And in no relation to “The Government”

-our website seems to be shut down too?

However, The direct email and the are working fine?

I’m pretty sure our main site was shut down due to “Excessive Deliciousness” 

like this:

Cava feta

Cavatelli, with Eggplant, Nicoise Olives, Mama Lil’s peppers and Feta.

Also today:

Spaghettini, with Salsa Verde

Fusilli, alla Bolognese