SunsetYesterday as I drove across the Ballard Bridge the sun was setting. I recognize that’s a common phenomenon, like daily, but it was a bit more symbolic in that moment. Seems like we’re in transition right now, autumnal equinox and all that. Seemed sun was setting on summer and maybe for the last time.

Hey folks, it’s Clive Pursehouse, from the Northwest Wine Anthem, I’m pinch-hitting for Jameson Fink today. He’s in Italy or something.  I hope the Afghan Whigs and Greg Dulli will pardon me for borrowing their lyrics but it seems appropriate. We had an epic make out session with summer this year, it was glorious. While we may mourn it’s passing, there’s plenty to celebrate, cyclocross season, Seattle’s hipsters can wear scarves with their t-shirts again and it’s red wine weather.


Mike’s got food for the occasion as well, today is chock full of superb seasonal offerings. We’ll do a little more borrowing from the Afghan Whigs. “Did you feel the breeze, my love? ” On my bicycle this morning to hustle down to Il Corvo for a fresh pasta breakfast, and let me tell you it was a bit more than a breeze. A stiff headwind would have been more accurate, luckily, Mike had the cure. Autumn means elk and Mike is doling out bowls of angel hair pasta in an elk brotto, that’s broth. In fact, think deliciously earthy broth, and then imagine some of the most incredibly fresh carrots you’ve ever tasted floating in said broth. These sweet snappy carrots hail from Local Roots farm over in Duvall. A bowl of this and you’re ready to meet today’s weather with a newly inspired gusto.

In addition there’s an incredibly tasty pezziende that’s a hand-cut Tuscan noodle made with porcini flour with house cured pancetta and brussel sprout tops, these things are wicked fresh and they add a touch of sweetness to a dish that’s loaded with a peppery kick. The Il Corvo menu for today is kinda like cheating.  You’ll arrive back at work with a smile on your face and a newly inspired vigor. Bring on the weekend. Your colleagues might wonder what kind of performance enhancing boost your own. Oh yeah, and lasagne bolognese is making an appearance, of course.

Bussels tops

Once more to the Afghan Whigs with a little bit of artistic license, “come on down to Il Corvo with me baby, let’s watch that summer fade…” Welcome autumn, we’re ready for you.