I’m reading a book right now on the history of Sicilian Cuisine,

I could wax on about abundance and poverty, speak to the influence on the cuisine by the Normands,

the Moores and the Arab people that ruled over that little island of plenty.

I could reference the sights that captivated the mythical Odysseus,

while he dodged boulders thrown by the mighty Cyclops,

as he circumnavigated the island -at that time part of Greece.


You can just eat this….

Bucatini, Syracusan Style

with anchovies, pine nuts, currants, chilis, garlic and bread crumbs.

Syracuse bucatini

Also today:

Tagliatelle, alla Bolognese

Cresti Di Gallo, with broccoli Rapini, tomatoes and Mama Lil’s peppers