cookie crispVery glad that Mike and his family had a most idyllic vacation, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a little bit tough on me. Jameson Fink here. Instead of tucking into a plate of pasta for lunch, I was staring at a bowl of cold cereal. And, yes, it was Cookie Crisp. But that was the past; very glad to be here in the present and looking forward to….


chorizo meatballs

Yes! You may have enjoyed other recent Il Corvo Friday productions such as Baked Pasta Friday. The tradition of weekend ushering-in excellence continues with spicy chorizo meatballs, which will be slow-braised in salsa pomodoro.

garlic braised in oilAnd simmering away on the stove is an aglio stracotto. Slow-braised garlic with chili, it will be, once tender, pureed with white vinegar and olive oil, tossed with bucatini, and topped with toasted focaccia crumbs. The whole notion of sauce-making, pureeing, and straining got me thinking of a recent conversation with an Oregon winemaker on my blog. While “unfiltered” is something you’ll see displayed on a wine label, does filtering wine really “filter out flavor”? No one ever says a chef is “straining out flavor” as far as I know. This is by no means a perfect analogy, but I like thinking about the intersection between chefs and winemakers. (Note: the aglio stracotto is not strained. And the garlic becomes incredibly sweet.)

Finally, from the “Classics Never Go Out of Style” Department, there is tagliatelle with Bolognese.

As a bonus, the spicy chorizo meatballs come with pasta mista. So many shapes, so many flavors.

meatballs with pasta mista

Cereal image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.