We are pleased to announce, that due to our observation of national

“Slow Pace of Life Appreciation Week”

 Il Corvo will be closed for the week of September 2nd through the 6th.

We will be celebrating with festivities like:

Slathering my favorite bread, baked right here on the farm, with gooey “La Tur” cheese”

bread Eating tomatoes and lemon cucumbers, picked right outside our door,tomatoesFeeding furry things we normally would reserve for eating, feedeingMarveling at the quaintness of random farm tools left in odd places,chain

Throwing anything this crazy beast will chase and fetch, ….including rocks, as Pilar found out


taking pictures of brightly colored objects,pink more pink chardAnd probably enjoying a meal or two with my buddy Al Fresco.


Have a happy “Slow Pace of Life Appreciation Week!

We’ll be back open for business on September 10th!