the days of rainRemember yesterday? This was pretty much my view. Jameson Fink here; happy Friday! If I had my druthers I would have been inside, eating caramel-garam masala popcorn and pouring myself a generous glass of sparkling wine. (Details on my blog.) But let us not dwell on yesterday. Let’s recall a sunny past and present.


You’re bringing us some pasta, right?

The past in the form of a collaboration between Mike and Clive Pursehouse of the Northwest Wine Anthem. Not only is Clive The Handsome Blogger, but he also shares Mike’s passion for the bicycle. The two of them put together Vidi, Vino, Bici: a cycling, wine, and culinary experience whose inaugural voyage recently took place on Bainbridge Island. If you missed it, check out Clive’s recap. And stay tuned for further adventures. You want a preview? OK, there were adorable goats.

matrix reloadedAnd let us commemorate the present day with something that is right and true: Baked Pasta Friday. Have you ever had a pasticcio? It’s like a lasagna, but instead of flat noodles it has long, hollow noodles. When I heard about this I muttered a Keanu-esque, “Whoa.” Then when I heard it contained layers of bechamel, sweet corn, sage, zucchini, and a mint ragu, my mind was blown, Matrix-style.

Il Corvo Pasta

The Mafalda is ready for its close-up.

You can also expect mafalda, the extremely long noodle that is one of Mike’s favorites, tossed with the Il Corvo classic basil and mint pesto. Also, cavatelli with smoked gorgonzola from Oregon’s Rogue Creamery. Finally, squid ink conchiglie alla Siciliana. This sauce, as Mike explains, has:

  • Lots of garlic
  • Lots of anchovies
  • Lots of chiles

“And just enough tomato paste to hold it together.”

How’s that for a Friday? As Keanu used to say, “Excellent!

Rain photo courtesy Clownhouse III. Zeros and Ones via phsymyst.