Pasta Misti

Can you name all five shapes of pasta that will eventually come out of the oven as Pasta Misti? It’s OK if you can’t; mercifully, this is not a requirement to order the dish. It’s got a few layers of sheet pasta to keep it structurally sound, too. I don’t know if you can set it in stone that every Friday will mean baked pasta. But when it’s cloudy, the Il Corvo forecast may often call for it. And since, as Mike opined, “People like to go meaty with their baked pasta,” expect to find Bolognese sauce with bechamel in the mix.

Mike has his pasta tenets; I (Jameson Fink) have my wine ones. Like what’s my go-to wine for BBQ. I’ve got a pick to pair with a potato chip-crusted smoked pork tenderloin. It’s also a wine to pair with life. And living.

Did you miss yesterday’s Castelvetrano Olive, Celery and Goat-HornĀ Pepper sauce? (Sidebar: Celery? Underrated.) Fret not, as it is making a return engagement today with Conchiglie. It’s what I ate for breakfast. The olives are meaty, the celery crunchy, and the peppers spicy. And don’t forget Bucatini alla Siciliana. Quite a lively, zesty duo today. Combined with the the richness of the Pasta Misti, I guarantee that whatever is on your plate, you will leave with a pasta-fueled, cloud-banishing, warming glow.