seattle sunset

What do you think of while floating on a boat, contemplating the sun setting over Leschi? The beauty of a Seattle summer day winding down? The friends you’re sharing the moment with? Life? Love? Regret?

How about “none of the above“? Hello, it’s Friday and it’s Jameson Fink here. What was going through my mind at this moment? I was wondering when I could return to Victoria, BC, and again enjoy the greatest sandwich in the history of the world. (Please check out my slightly hyperbolic blog post.) Then my food-addled mind returned to Seattle. As the boat bobbed along with the gentle waves, I thought, “Why have I never had lasagna at Il Corvo?

Luckily, Mike has some kind of psychic powers when it comes to anticipating my pasta needs. Rejoice, for today there is lasagna with Bolognese sauce. I told him, “That sounds pretty good, but it’d be a lot cooler if you added some ground prosciutto in there, too.” Mike replied, “I ALREADY DID.” [Full disclosure: This is a dramatic recreation of events.]

I know, you want a picture of that lasagna. So do I. And I want to eat it! But it’s baking in the oven as I type this. Fortunately, I can show you a photo of the spaghetti with salsa verde. It’s got a little spicy kick. And some toasted breadcrumbs. I’m sorry, did I say breadcrumbs? Yawn. These are toasted focaccia crumbs.

spaghetti with salsa verde

How about a little spicy kick…OF FLAVOR?

There’s also rigatoni with a mushroom sherry vinegar cream sauce. And even though there are no sunsets nor boats at Il Corvo during lunch, I promise that whatever dish you choose you’ll be provided with the opportunity to contemplate something memorable.