It’s one of those dishes that strikes fear into peoples hearts.

Even though as a child, I don’t think I ever actually HAD chicken alla cacciatoté,

the lore of it was as haunting as stories of the boogeyman.

It was one of those dishes, so popularized in the 50’s,

that some version of  it was probably ruined in just about every household.

The children of that era, the parents of my generation, must of grew up convinced it was a device of torture.

Well, this is not your parents Chicken Cacciatoré.

Tender chicken thighs, olives, peppers and tomatoes, seasoned with oregano, thyme and bay, slow braised over-night,

shredded and tossed with hearty Casarecce.


Nothing scary about that right?

(only the prospect of possibly missing out on it)

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