Sungold Tomatoes Il Corvo Pasta

Before bursting.

Jameson Fink here. I like the way Mike talks about food.  Strolling into Il Corvo this morning, I found him alongside this giant colander full of sungold tomatoes. What did fate have in store for them? “We’re gonna cook ’em whole and let them explode,” Mike revealed. And to give the dish a bit more of an elegant sound, as “exploded” tomatoes felt a bit jarring, it was decided that “bursted” tomatoes better conveyed technique with a little tenderness. It’s a super simple summer sauce, with garlic and mint.

But what’s summer without a little outdoor cooking? When Mike’s not dishing out pasta, he’s doing things like cooking an entire calf over an open flame. If you weren’t able to attend Burning Beast, Serious Eats has a recap, including all the pit-digging, steel-frame fabricating, and pulleys you can handle.

And while I’d be cracking a few beers at Burning Beast, I’d probably fill a glass with some Verdejo, too. Looking for an easy-drinking, unfussy, zesty Spanish white? Read about one of my favorite wines for beating the heat. Now back to pasta.


Pasta snails!

You’ll find the bursted sungold tomato sauce served with (the pictured) lumache. And if it’s Friday, it must be squid ink pasta day. It’s available as bucatini alla Siciliana. Finally, gigli alla Bolognese.

Though I’m bursting to show you what the finished dish looks like, you’re just going to have to abandon any non-Il Corvo lunch plans and get in here for a taste of summer.