supe bored richmond bcYou’d think that after spending six hours earlier this week in Richmond, British Columbia, hitting four dim sum restaurants, a noodle shop, plus a sojourn for crispy pork and a bakery run, I’d be super bored with eating. You’d be wrong. Jameson “Friday Fill-In” Fink here. You can read all about my eating adventures in Richmond, BC , including the tale of pork skin so crispy it shattered like fine crystal, on my blog.

In fact, I’m so ready to eat. What’s the opposite of super bored? That’s what I’m feeling right now. How can you not be overflowing with enthusiasm when Mike’s favorite pasta, Mafalda, is on today’s menu. Named after a Princess of the same name, it’s made to look like lace. And it’s a loooong noodle. How long?

mafalda il corvo pasta

“Mike, how long do I have to hold my arm like this? Cramping up over here.”

About two feet long. Mike insisted I demonstrate the length of the noodle before eating it. (Pro tip: I recommend eating this dish in less-than-two-foot increments.) Sauced with a classic Bolognese, you’ve got to experience how this shape of pasta completes the sauce. The Bolognese tucks itself in between every little delicate fold of this lacy pasta. So very, very memorable. I’m already nostalgic for it.

It’s also a great day at Il Corvo to celebrate the sea with Pasta Misti alla PescatorĂ©. Calamari, olives, capers, and tomato? Yes, please. You can also enjoy the intensely flavorful combination of anchovies, butter, garlic, and breadcrumbs tossed with conchiglie. Finally, you’d be nuts to pass up tagliatelle with a walnut cream sauce.

ProseccoAnd what’s lunch without a little sparkling wine? If you need midday refreshment, it’s hard to beat an adorable, single-serving sized bottle of Prosecco. It’s powerfully quaffable. And you totally deserve it. It’s Friday, after all. Why not consider treating yourself like the Prince or Princess you are? You may not be fortunate enough to have a shape of pasta invented in your honor, but don’t let that stop you from having a royal lunch experience.

mafalda bolognese il corvo pasta