Conch ShellWhat? Is this a blog post about that classic novel Lord of the Flies? Absolutely not. But it is about pork. And the conch shell. Since a conch shell not exactly the kind of thing you can put on your plate and enjoy al dente, I recommend you try it in pasta form: conchiglie. And, sure, conch meat is tasty, but it can’t compete with pork transformed into housemade Italian sausage:


Cappelini with Bonito Oil

These flakes will dance right before your eyes. Seriously.

And another Friday means that it’s Jameson Fink here guest blogging while Mike and his team work their pasta magic in the kitchen. If you haven’t had a chance to check out my wine blog, this week I’ve honed in on the wines of British Columbia. Uncork some BC Wine knowledge!

There’s also squid ink capellini, intriguingly sauced with bonito oil and topped with bonito flakes. I don’t know if I haven’t had enough coffee this morning (or maybe too much?), but I swear those flakes were dancing atop my pasta.

And there’s no gilding the lily when it comes to gigli with bolognese. A classic! Speaking of classics, rounding out today’s special offerings is fusilli with pesto. Get like bonito flakes and dance your way to Pioneer Square!

Conch photo courtesy Wayne Wilkinson.