il corvo pasta pioneer square seattleAnother Friday means Mike hands over the keys to the blog to me, Jameson Fink, again. In addition to my wine blog, did you know I also have a podcast? And one of my guests was none other than Mike Easton. To check out a preview of our half hour chat taped at Il Corvo, along with links to the podcast, have a click below:

Mike Easton of Il Corvo Pasta: Vermouth Sipping and Vegetable Smacking

Gigli PastaWhat’s on the menu today? I don’t mean to sound dour, but it’s a bit of Black Friday around here. Certainly not in mood nor sentiment, but in pasta. Specifically gigli. I asked Mike if it had anything to do with that Bennifer movie from a while back and when he was done rolling his eyes and regretting his decision to have me write this blog post, explained that gigli means lily. Squid ink was added to the pasta to lend striking color. The Sicilian-inspired sauce consists of slow-braised garlic, anchovies, tomato paste, and chiles. Oh, and two kinds of olives: Nicoise and Castelvetrano. Because one is not enough and three are two many.

Also for your lunchtime pleasure: Rigatoni alla Bolognese. And don’t forget about the Tagliatelle with a Sherried Mushroom Ragout.

Squid Ink Gigli il corvo seattle

These lilies are spicy.