il corvo pastaHello Il Corvo Pasta fans. It’s Jameson Fink, kicking off my weekend with the best job ever: guest blogging for Il Corvo! I was fortunate enough to do so a couple times in the previous location and am thrilled for this return engagement in Pioneer Square. Before I dive into today’s menu, a quick bite about me. I’ve been a wine blogger and retail wine pro for almost nine years; you can read my enthusiastic, self-deprecating, and welcoming thoughts on wine at It’s a fine aperitif or digestif to your pasta lunch. Now, onto today’s pastas!

You’d be nuts to pass up a the pansotti, a toasted walnut-filled raviolo in a shredded zucchini sauce:

pansotti at il corvo pasta

The best thing to happen to a triangle since Pythagoras.

But perhaps you want to turn up the flavor of your pasta to 11? No worries. There’s a taglarini for that. According to Mike it contains “lots of” these things:

  • garlic
  • anchovies
  • chiles

Finally, lumache! It’s a snail-shaped pasta that will be tossed with nicoise olives, capers, and some piparras (Spanish chiles). Get a glass of wine (rosé on tap!) while you’re at it and, no matter the weather or your mood, you’ll feel toasty and spicy until at least Monday morning.