“The best maccaroni in Italy is made with a particular sort of flour called Semola,”


“In February 1789, William Short wrote to Jefferson that he had procured a “mould for making macaroni” at Jefferson’s request in Naples, and had it forwarded on to his mentor in Paris. The macaroni mold probably did not reach Paris until after Jefferson had departed. His belongings were shipped to Philadelphia in 1790, and the machine was probably included with those items. We know that Jefferson did have the machine in the United States eventually, as it is listed in a packing list with other household items shipped from Philadelphia to Monticello in 1793″

-some website somewhere

So there you have it, someone always does it first……

But Jefferson would of had to travel to Sicily to find the inspiration for this dish…


Broccoli, anchovy, chili, breadcrumbs and a touch of tomato conserva, tossed with toothy Maccheroni!

Maccheroni, broccoli

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