It’s Farmers’ Market Season!

We are at the City Hall market today, and at Occidental Park tomorrow.

– it’s beautiful out!


we’ve got the pasta bike all loaded up!

Market bike

Johannes is there talking about our 100 % certified organic, non-gmo semolina pasta,

cut on authentic Italian bronze dies…

Johan Market

He’s receiving a little “sales training” from an expert

Pilar market

…who blurted out to the first customer..

“My Daddy makes that pasta, it’s the best!”

(and I didn’t even coach her) 

At the Restaurant,

we’ve got a pasta dish perfectly suited to nestle a sweet kernel of corn inside each noodle…

Conchiglini, with sweet corn and sage  

conchiglini and corn

Also today:

Fusilli, alla Bolognese

and Spaghetti, Cacio e Pepe