Spicy food makes you sweat,

and sweating is your body’s air conditioning:

Here the science:

“In order for sweat to cool your body temperature, the water must evaporate. If it drips off or if you wipe it off with a towel, you won’t benefit from the cooling mechanism of evaporation. Beads of sweat on your skin are in liquid form. When the water temperature rises, the molecules become more active and gain energy. When a molecule gains enough energy, it can break free from the bonds that hold the liquid together and transform into water vapor. This is evaporation. As the molecule evaporates, its energy — or heat — is removed from the sweat that remains on your body. This loss of energy cools the surface of your skin.” -some website somewhere

Here’s a practical application:

Pasta Misti, all’Arrabbiata!

Misti arrabbiata

Also today:

Casarecce, with braised pork ragu

Tagliatelle, with Aglio Stracotto (slow cooked garlic sauce)