People always ask me how I come up with the menu each day, and my answer is always the same:

The weather. 

Of course the ingredients tend to bo seasonally inspired, week to week,

but daily inspiration comes from simply looking out the window,

felling the weight of the air,

and imagining what lunch I’d like to eat.

When the sun is shining, I vere towards the lighter olive oil bases sauces,


“Salsa Verde”  

 Capers, parsley, mint, lemon peel simmered in oil, the juice of the lemons,

fresh garlic and a touch of Controné chili give this Tagliatelle and attractive summer outfit 

André and Big Boi said it best,

“I love it when you stare at me……I’m dressed so fresh, so clean -So Fresh and So Clean!”

Tagliatelle, Salsa Verde Also today:

Mafaldine: with ragu Bolognese

Casarecce: with Mama Lil’s “honking hot” pickled goat horn peppers, sweet onions and pomodoro

Lumache: Feta cheese, piquillo peppers, garlic and olives