You probably notice I dont often make flavored pasta, I have nothing against them, I just simply operate under the principle of only adding what is absolutely necessary to a dish. I like the nakedness of the flavors, I like to taste the individual ingredients, and usually flavored pasta’s intended flavors are subtle at best.  Besides,  good pasta needs no further embellishment other than a simple sauce. 

But occasionally, I like to make an exception

-Red (orangey-pinkish) just seems to be the perfect color for Cock’s Comb shaped pasta.  

Cresti tomato

-Tossed with a little pesto and toasted walnuts…..Cresti w:walnut pestIt becomes complete, embracing it’s simplicity.

Also today:

Fusilli, with Ragu alla Bolognese

Spaghettini, Alla Siciliana